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Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? In the film, a mediocre writer named Eddie Morra, played by Bradley Cooper, receives a ‘smart drug’ called NZT-48, which increases his brain performance to super-human level. This incredible brain power allows him to write a bestselling novel, learn the piano, and nail the stock exchange, in addition to many other things that make him successful.

Although it was just a movie, people are said to only use as little as 10% (some researchers state the number could be as low as 4% or even less than 1%) of the full capabilities of our brains. There’s no way to tell through what we know about the brain ancurrently available technology what the exact percentage of our brain we use is but what if we were able to boost our brain’s performance; even by just a few percentage points?

The Supplements Problem

BrainPlus IQ InformationAll individuals who have to deal with any type of mind-intensive work – be it studying, working in a busy office, or even working to tight deadlines on a personal or freelance project – have found themselves from time to time extremely tired, distracted, irritable, and unable to keep going throughout the day. I’m sure you’ve found yourself in this situation too.

The problem is that it’s challenging to maintain focussed attention on a task or a list of tasks. When working online or studying for tests, for example, there are so many temptations like Facebook and constantly-updated news articles not to mention all the noise and other distractions around you while you’re trying to work. Somehow, there are people who manage to have plenty of free time and always finish their work perfectly and on schedule while other’s struggle. What are these people doing differently? The key lies in taking proper care of your brain.

Personally, I’ve had ongoing problems with sustained concentration and was driven to use many different supplements you see on the market today. You name the supplement and I’ve probably tried it; even the prescription-only supplements like Adderall, which resulted in nothing more than an addiction to Adderall rather than the increased attentiveness it promises.

A few months ago though, I noticed that my friend who works at the next cubicle had been frequently finishing his job an hour before everyone else. And let me tell you, he’s not the kind of guy who would leave any work behind or do it with a lick and a promise. He’s always very precise and strives for recognition. One day, I decided to ask him how he’s able to leave one hour earlier. That’s when I learned about BrainPlus IQ – the supplement he was using all this time – and he told me it’s ‘one of a kind’. But what is it exactly?

What Exactly is it?

It’s possible you’ve never heard about this awesome supplement, which was the case for me too. In fact, even after I heard about it, I was rather sceptical. The ad sounded somewhat unbelievable, especially when you’ve tried so many other supplements and nothing has worked. If not for my friend, who was living proof of its possibilities, I think I would have never bought it. And yet I did.

It’s not like your standard stimulating drink, most of which are based on caffeine. This supplement is designed to keep your focus sharp and enhance your brain’s capabilities and cognitive functions. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t kill your attention after that initial period of stimulation but actually makes you able to focus even better and extends your attention span.

Based on a mix of completely natural ingredients to give your brain more power and provide higher levels of concentration, most notably Phosphatidylserine (don’t worry, I’ll explain to you what it is in a moment), this supplement can have a tremendous effect on your life. No more binge Facebook sessions when you should be working. Start work refreshed and finish tasks quickly with no distractions. It’s one of the most effective supplements you’ll find, and so powerful that anything better is probably illegal.

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My Personal Experience

For me personally, this supplement is a huge life booster, especially during those times when I was competing with my co-workers for promotion; not to mention my friend who has been using it for some time already. My job in those days was quite dull and I used to waste a lot of time there. But that was before I got this supplement. If you’re guessing who got promoted, you’re right, I did. But apart from that, my body and mind became much less tired than they used to be and my focus has greatly increased. I am also finally able to commit information I read to memory and learn new skills significantly faster than before. All this adds up to being a much more capable, skilful and valuable worker than I have ever been.

So what about you? Do you suffer from a short attention span? Do you struggle to retain information? Do you happen to forget everything you read a minute after you read it? How often do you forget to do something you know was really important? Wouldn’t it be amazing to recall everything you consume and be able to use that information for your personal gain? Imagine the looks you’ll get from your peers when your boss promotes you for being so productive. Or the high results from your final exams.

So Who is This Supplement for?

Let’s take a quick look at all those people who can really benefit from taking this attention booster. As I said earlier, it’s really effective for anyone whose main tool at work is their brain:

Although not yet officially working in the industry, students, both undergrads and PhDs can greatly benefit from this product. Imagine how much free time you could make use of by not having to sit researching and memorising all those textbooks for all much time.

For office workers who are sick of having their boss on their back rushing you any time a deadline is looming around the corner, or anyone who finds it impossible to sit for 8 hours at your desk with no break, can definitely benefit immensely.

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Are you a freelancer or an online entrepreneur wanting to earn more but keep getting distracted in the online world? Facebook, Twitter, internet news, forums, and any other digital content really don’t need to be checked every five minutes. You really can make your focus great again.

All people who are easily distracted and suffer from weak short- and long-term memory problems. You’ll no longer wonder where you put your car keys or why you went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

Age related memory and cognitive functions drop as your brain gets older with age. In case you didn’t know, you can experience cognitive decline from as young as 25 years old. This supplement is ideal for everyone who understands that they are not as young as they used to be. Having such a perfect solution can keep your cognitive functions at a stable, efficient level well into old age.

Let’s List the Benefits

Since we know already that this powerful supplement can definitely help you, let’s take a look at what exactly it has to offer. Note that I mix here my own experience together with what I’ve found others have claimed:

  • It will keep you aware and help you get rid of fatigue thanks to the prolonged energy boost it gives you.
  • Your brain’s efficiency will greatly increase, making you more productive and saving you a lot of time.
  • Your focus and concentration will be stronger than ever – goodbye distractions, goodbye brainfog.
  • Your short and long-term memory will finally serve you the way they should.
  • You’ll not only remember well what your boss told you 5 minutes ago, you’ll also be able to easily manage future tasks you had planned for each day without the use of a calendar.
  • You will also get really strong mental clarity because the product will help you stay motivated and will stop you having mood swings, another cause of lost productivity.

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Safety and What the Doctors Say

All the above benefits sound really great but there’s probably one question that has popped into your head the moment you started reading this article and it’s now time to deal with it: Are these kinds of supplements safe? All these positive claims may make you wonder if you can trust that the product is not harmful. Well, I used it and I feel great, so do many other people I know who used it. But I understand that this may not be enough proof for you. That’s why you should let me share with you both my own experience and the opinions of professionals.

I take this supplement on a daily basis and from my own personal observation as well as observations of others, it’s safe to take this supplement every day. It gives your body all the essential vitamins and minerals to produce very efficient fuel for your brain. Actually, it’s just like with your car – you fuel it every day but you wouldn’t put any random garbage in your gas tank, would you? This is why you should choose wisely when looking for supplements and from my personal experience, it is a safe and quality choice for your brain. But let’s look even deeper.

Let’s check what do those who specialise in this nature have to say about this ‘rocket fuel’ that you are about to give to your brain. This fuel-packed supplement has undergone clinical tests, the results of which show that not only is it safe, but also that it’s one of the fastest ways to increase your brain power. The power boost can be as high as 89.2% and your focus can increase by up to 121%; and it’s all thanks to this safe and tested solution. What’s more, these positive effects kick in within the first 30 minutes of consumption.

To maintain superior quality and safety standards, the product is manufactured in an FDA GMP facility, which is a certified laboratory environment intended to keep it at the highest levels possible.

Hidden Health Related Benefits

When looking for a quick memory and cognitive function boost, not many people realise that using a good supplement can not only help them achieve short-term benefits but prevent ongoing memory deterioration. Proper nutrition of your brain can help strengthen its immunity against various brain related diseases, such as dementia. In fact, the key ingredient of this supplement is phosphatidylserine, which is well-known for being used as an important weapon in fighting dementia and age-related mental abilities.

BrainPlus IQ Health Supplement

Optimal dosage of phosphatidylserine is also extremely important in keeping proper levels of neuroplasticity (also known as brain plasticity) of your brain. Neuroplasticity is responsible for changes in neurons as well as creating new connections between them, increasing your brain’s capabilities and keeping the level of your cognitive functions stable as you get older. In fact, this ingredient is so important that even the American FDA, which is known for being very strict, has come out and advocated phosphatidylserine as having excellent health benefits.

Statistics show that most people’s mental activity deteriorates over time, and before the age of 70 the capabilities of most people decrease significantly. The composition of this supplement can help you boost your mental performance, will help you secure its abilities over time at a higher level than usual, and help you prevent depreciation of cognitive abilities and memory loss.

Your Brain is Your Command Centre

All these benefits are remarkable but let’s not forget about the most important one: a healthy brain influences your whole body. Despite being only 2% of your whole body mass, your brain is the headquarters of your body. Your mood and levels of motivation and focus have a significant influence on your whole life. The more motivated you are and the more you are willing to achieve things, the happier your life is and the less prone you are to get sick. Researchers say that people who stay optimistic are on average far more immune to common diseases than people who are full of negativity.

A PC can work with a broken keyboard but if you take away the processor, it won’t start. It’s the same with your brain. All that you are, your personality, your memories, etc. are stored in it, making it an invaluable treasure. When you have something very precious, you probably try to protect it from any risks in the best possible way. And for your brain such a way is definitely this potent supplement. Your brain and everything it does and contains is the most important thing that you have. That’s why you should pay the utmost attention to what you are feeding it with.

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Guarantee Your Brain’s Performance

An all-natural supplement that is both safe and rewarding? Sounds like a myth but that’s actually a real product. Considering all its benefits, both short-term performance boosts as well as long-term lasting positive effects, I believe it’s worth recommending not only to anyone whose current position requires a lot of focus and critical thinking but to all who believe that they could use an increase in physical health and well-being. Regardless of whether you are an undergraduate student preparing for your finals, a PhD student working nights on your thesis or an office clerk struggling to stay focused in your dull job, the benefits can be overwhelming.

The product’s long-term benefits make it worth making it a part of your everyday diet. Start living the life you’ve always wanted and grant yourself the wonderful life you deserve. Just think what your boss will tell you when he sees your productivity after you start living with BrainPlus IQ. Keep it a secret though; otherwise your boss will promote the product and not you!