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Review no 1 Ketone Slim XT

Hi, my name is Mandy, I am 35 years old and married. I have been using Ketone Slim XT for a few weeks now and I am very satisfied with the result. I was very worried about my weight and was doing lots of exercise, but was only able to lose 9 kg in 9 weeks. It was very frustrating for me because I am a housewife and I have to deal with a lot of household work and take care of the children, which made it difficult for me to save time to exercise properly. All of this made me worry a lot and one day a friend of mine who was using Ketone Slim XT recommended me to use it as it is very effective for weight loss. At first I was not satisfied with what she was saying because I had used many supplements before and they were all good for nothing. But by the way she was describing Ketone Slim XT’s benefits and how she lost her weight it made me curious to give this product a try and I am very happy that I did.


This product changed my life. It was so helpful and the results were so satisfying that I lost 3.5 lbs. During the first week without any exercise. I have lost much weight since the day I started and I am very happy with the way I look now. I can easily wear any dress I like without have any problems or feeling any shame. I tested Ketone Slim XT for four weeks to check the results. The fourth week was the week which showed me the final results and believe me when I say that the result were really unexpected for me. By the end of the fourth week I had lost 23lbs. Since I started using Ketone Slim XT. In four weeks Ketone Slim XT did something for me that always seemed impossible, I had no more weight left for loss and my life was totally changed. I was feeling like wow now I can eat anything I want, anytime I want and without the worries of getting fat again because I knew that now I have Ketone Slim XT, which can help me any time and most of all without any damage to my health. My husband loves me more than before and it feels like I have a new confidence level now and I can even wear a bikini when I go to the beach with my family. If you are still doubtful about the miraculous effects of Ketone Slim XT then you should give it a try for once. You may have used many products and are even unsatisfied with their results, but I highly recommend to all the people who are worried about weight loss to use Ketone Slim XT and be astonished by the results.


Review no 2 of Ketone Slim XT

My name is Amanda and I am 27 years old. My marriage was scheduled to take place in five months and I had a few pounds that I needed to lose. I had tried many products before and tried many dietary plans, but they did not go well for me. I also couldn’t do hard exercise or workout because I have a low energy level and my endurance is also less. I consulted my doctor and she recommended me to use Ketone Slim XT. As per her advice I started using this amazing product. It boosted my energy and I started feeling fresh. I felt less hungry and I started to feel light from the inside. I also started some exercise with it and it helped in accelerating the weight loss process. The results were obvious after the first two weeks and I was less worried about my weight now. After the end of four weeks I had lost 16 pounds and I could not stop myself from imagining me looking pretty in my beautiful bride dress. After the end of six weeks I had lost 21 pounds and was feeling extraordinary. In four months’ time I lost 36 pounds and I am still going. The most amazing thing is that it does not require any hard diet plans or excessive workouts because believe me when I say that it really does magic on you. This amazing product has done the unimaginable for me. It has changed my life and had made me into a very beautiful young lady with a glowing and healthy skin. I cannot wait to see myself looking prettier than ever on my wedding day in my wedding dress. This marvelous product has helped me achieve my dreams and has made them come true.


Review no 3 about Ketone Slim XT

Hi, my name is Olivia and I am 24 years old. I am a student and I also work for a company as a part time job, so I have a very busy schedule with no time to spare for exercise or workout. Excessive fat has been my problem for years and no matter what I did to get rid of it at the end of the day it was same as before. The reason nothing works for me is that I have no control over my cravings for food and I will most likely eat anything I can find in my house. The reason of my overeating is that whenever I come home from a long, tiring day of work and college, I am exhausted and all I want at that time is a large snack and sleep. The days went by and I was the same fat girl when one day a friend of mine suggested me to use Ketone Slim XT because her sister was using it and it worked for her.


At first I didn’t believe her because I was skeptical about such products after trying so many of them without any result, but then I decided to give it a try. I followed the instructions mentioned on it carefully and started having the proper dosage half hour before my meals. In the first two weeks I lost 9 pounds which made me very happy and I felt amazing. The most wonderful feeling about all this was that I lost 9 pounds of weight and without even sacrificing my meals and without any extensive workout. Now I am taking a dosage of two pills before breakfast, lunch and dinner and it has helped a lot in controlling my cravings for over eating any kind of food. Overall, this has been my life’s best product that I have purchased for weight loss and a person like me who has a busy life and cannot do exercise daily should surely use Ketone Slim XT to lose weight. It has changed me into a new person and it will surely change you too.


Review no 4 Ketone Slim XT

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am 33 years old. I am 5’5 tall and three months from now I was a very fat woman and a laughing stock of most of the people. The majority of my friends, colleagues and even my family members used to make jokes about me. I was very sad and disappointed by my being extra fat. My parents were also very disturbed and worried about me because I was getting older without getting married and I was rejected by many people because I was fat and did not look beautiful. I started to exercise really hard and even used some fat burners, but it was all in vain. One day I met an old friend who was fat like me when we last saw each other, but after 4 months she was a very pretty, slim and smart lady and I didn’t even recognize her at first.


When I asked her how she lost so much weight in so little time she told me that she has been using Ketone Slim XT and it is like a miracle supplement and it is the only reason she became so smart and beautiful. I was really impressed by looking at her and I came home and ordered it for myself from the internet. Before using Ketone Slim XT I lost 7-8 lbs. With diet and workout in 9 weeks and believe me it was a really hard workout and a very tight diet. When I started using Ketone Slim XT I felt changes in my body, my metabolism rate was higher and I had less cravings for food. I have been using Ketone Slim XT since that day and have lost 17lbs till now and am very close in fulfilling my goal. I will admit its a thousand times that this product has changed my life. With the help of it I became slim and smart and now can wear anything I like and even the most wonderful thing in my life is happening because of it that is I am getting married in 2 months and I am very happy and thankful for it. I will recommend it to you a million trillion times because it did wonders for me and it will surely do for you too.


Review no 5 of Ketone Slim XT

Hello everyone, my name is Donna and I am 36 years old and a house wife. As has been a housewife I am mostly at home doing the household work. I have no children so it is just me and my husband that live in the house. My husband goes to work in the morning and after finish all the work it is my hobby to surf the internet and look for amazing offers on new products, cosmetics, clothes etc. As a regular user of the internet I read many reviews about Ketone Slim XT supplement. Most of those reviews were positive, but some were also negative. I am myself an overweight person and am looking for a way to get rid of all the unwanted fat from my body. I used to read daily about some products and even tried some of them but with no results. Ketone Slim XT has become very popular in the last few months and the TV shows, commercials and the internet are loaded with the stories of its benefits so I decided to give it a try. I ordered on the internet for a bottle of Ketone Slim XT. The product was delivered on time with a very good customer service and a money back guarantee. I have used Ketone Slim XT for myself and I will be very honest in my review that it did no wonders for me. I am not saying that it had no effect because I lost 8 lbs. In 4 weeks from it, but I am not satisfied because I want something that works quickly for me because I am a very impatient person and I for me using Ketone Slim XT required a lot of patience. It did stop my cravings for food, but as I said I am a very impatient person and it took time. The customer service was very good and helpful and I was even able to use my money-back guarantee which was also delivered on time.


Review no 6 Ketone Slim XT

My name is Juliet and I am 31 years old. Like many people interested in Ketone Slim XT, I could definitely stand to lose some weight. I have to be honest though, I actually wasn’t looking for a weight loss product at all when I came upon this item, but my curiosity peaked when the description boasted that it’s purely natural. I’ve never seen a capsule or similar product that is all natural, curbs appetite and is healthy. The best thing I like about Ketone Slim XT is that it’s helped curb my appetite between meals and snacks. I’m not restricting my food intake by any means (though I still eat healthy), however, in the mornings, I have a hard time making it through from breakfast to my first break at work (about 3 hours later). This product keeps me from getting major hunger pangs and gives me enough energy to keep going until I eat again. I also take a capsule a little before dinner, which keeps me from going back to the kitchen to snack on things before dinner time. I’ve also experienced a small reduction in my anxiety levels while using Ketone Slim XT and I’m pretty satisfied with that. The only thing I don’t like about this product is the smell of it upon opening the cap of the bottle, but that’s harmless enough. The taste is completely bearable and it’s pleasantly mild. I used this product for 3 months and I used to take three capsules a day one capsule thirty minutes before every meal. After two weeks the result was obvious I had lost 7 lbs. And without any exercise or diet. I continued taking the capsule for the next few months and by the end of the third month I had lost 40 lbs. Of weight and without any feelings of less energy, in fact, I was more energized than before. Ketone Slim XT really changed my life and I highly recommend it.


Review no 7 about Ketone Slim XT

Hi, my name is Gabriella and I am 33 years old and a housewife. I have been facing the problem of weight loss for a long time and tried many things to help but all in vain. I was hesitant to buy Ketone Slim XT because it had so many good reviews, but a lot of the reviewers didn’t leave reviews for any other products, but there was still quite a few people who did have many good things to say about the product. I will try to keep this updated for everyone to see this is just how it’s working with my body. I’m a real person I have left reviews for other things and I have tried a few weight loss products that just didn’t work out for me. I received my Ketone Slim XT bottle on 14/04/14 and I started using it the same night. In the morning I took another capsule before breakfast. I usually start feeling hungry after a few hours of breakfast, but that day to my surprise, I had no cravings for food till my lunch time and I could feel my energy level increased. In a couple of weeks of taking the capsules I checked my weight and I was very happy to see that I had lost 6 pounds in two weeks. I was really only looking to lose about 3 pounds a week or so, I was doing very light exercise and my diet was inconsistent. But I really loved how it kept me from being hungry. One day I had a party at my house and all my friends came and we ate all kinds of unhealthy foods and believe me I ate a lot. After finishing the party I was really worried that I might have gained some weight due to the overeating but when I checked my weight I was surprised and happy to see that all that junk food had no effect on me and all due to Ketone Slim XT. In 6 weeks I achieved my goal and had lost exactly 24 lbs. Wright and I was a new person with a new living style and the new taste of fashion and it was all due to the magic of Ketone Slim XT.


Review no 8 Ketone Slim XT

My name is Sophia and I am 26 years old. I am a student and also I do a part time job to increase my pocket money. I was always a person who wants to drink all the spicy foods in the world and I used to eat a lot and it resulted in me being very fat. Being fat also made me lazy and I stopped doing any exercise. Everybody made fun of me for being a fat girl and I was a laughing stock for people, but I never paid attention to them because I had only thing in mind and that was to eat. One day my father took me to the doctor for a routine checkup and the doctor informed me that I have to lose weight at any cost or it can lead to diabetes and heart problems for me. That was the day when I thought for the first time about what I have become and I felt very ashamed. I knew it in my heart that I was going to lose the extra weight. I joined a gym and started working out there.


One day my gym instructor saw me working out really hard and sweating, she told me that I should start using Ketone Slim XT as it will help a lot in reducing weight. I had only one goal and that was to be smart, healthy and beautiful than before, so I started using Ketone Slim XT as she recommended me to along with all the extensive workout. I used to take 3 pills a day, one before breakfast, second before lunch and the third before going to the gym. After three weeks I checked my weight and to my surprise, I had lost seventeen pounds in just three weeks. I was very happy and I knew it that all this increase in the weight loss rate is due to Ketone Slim XT. I left the gym at the end of the month and continued using Ketone Slim XT. After the end of the second month I had lost 12 lbs. More weight and without going to the gym or doing any diet. I was very happy and amazed by the results and continued using this marvelous product for four months until I achieved my goal and turned myself into a pretty, smart and slim lady.


Review no 9 of Ketone Slim XT

My name is Wendy and I am 30 years old. I have faced weight loss problem since my pregnancy. I am a school teacher and have not much spare time to work out. I like to try different products that can help me reduce weight without any exercise or strict diet plans. I heard a lot of wonderful things about Ketone Slim XT and how it is a magical product with outstanding results. I ordered myself a bottle and I have to say that it is a great product, but it didn’t work for me. By not working for me, I mean to say that although I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks, but I cannot bear the smell of raspberries so I had to stop using it. So what I am saying is that I have nothing against the product as it surely increased my energy level and helped me in reducing weight, but it is just that I am allergic to the smell of raspberries. I gave the remaining bottles to a friend of mine who is also very happy with the result and now she has ordered her new bottle after using the one I gave. She had no problems with raspberries like I did and I must say that is definitely worth a try. The customer service was very good, the product was delivered on my doorstep, right on time and the crew was very friendly and helpful.


Review no 10 Ketone Slim XT

Hello everyone, my name is Molly and I am 39 years old and a house wife. Most of the time I have to stay home and do all the household works and take care of my two children. My husband works at the Police station so he is out most of the time. After finishing my work and putting my children to sleep, I usually watch television or surf the internet to relax myself. One day I was surfing the web for new and amazing products when I came across Ketone Slim XT. The product caught my attention because it had a lot of reviews written under it about being a wonderful product that can transform you magically and I must say that I was really attracted to it. I also had to lose some extra fat from my body so I decided to give it a try. I had tried some other products before but with no results. The advertisement and the reviews about Ketone Slim XT made me order the product and I booked a bottle of Ketone Slim XT for a home delivery of the internet. I received the product on time and the customer service was very good and they also gave a money back guarantee. I started taking two capsules a day before my meals and did no exercise. After two weeks I had lost 5 lbs. Which was not enough for me as I had 10-12 lbs. In my mind. I was delighted with the result, but at the same time I had other plans in mind and I need something that can work faster. I called the customer service and asked them about my money back guarantee to which they responded very nicely and my money was delivered to my doorstep without any problems.

Ketone Slim XT Personal Test

Ketone Slim XT – 7 Weeks Personal Test

Ketone Slim XT Personal Test

If you are suffering from excess weight and you want a healthy lifestyle with a slim body Ketone Slim XT is the product for you. I still remember the days when my whole body was overweight and I had a dangerously high cholesterol level. I was becoming a heart patient due to my obesity level. I am a housewife with two kids. I am 35 years old and was a healthy person from my childhood. After my pregnancies I couldn’t control my weight and my obesity level kept increasing. I did all the best and toughest exercises along with dieting and also used many dietary supplements but it was all in vain. One day an old friend came to visit me at my house and I was shocked to see her standing in front of me really smart and pretty because I remembered her to be a fat girl and everybody used to make fun of her. Looking at her was like looking at some kind of miracle for me. I couldn’t resist asking her and I rushed to the question that how she became so slim and smart? She told me that after being disappointed by many other products she finally came across Ketone Slim XT, which her gym instructor recommended to her and after using Ketone Slim XT her life really changed. I had no doubts about the result of this magnificent product because the result was standing right in front of me, but still I had to make sure of the ingredients and the effects of Ketone Slim XT. I was amazed when I read about it because it was like a natural weight losing product which has no harmful effects on the body. Ketone Slim XT is a fruit product in which the goodness of the raspberries helps in removing all the extra fat in the body. It is a 100% natural fruit product and it shows marvelous results. It contains Green Coffee and raspberry extracts so it also acts as an antioxidant in the whole body.


After reading about the ingredients and the effects of Ketone Slim XT I was pretty much satisfied and I made up my mind to take a trial of this product for some weeks and if it had not worked well for me I would have simply returned it because Ketone Slim XT also insures a money-back guarantee. I ordered the product from the internet and believe me it is one of the best choices I have made in my life. The product was delivered to my doorsteps with a very good and friendly service and I was now ready to start my trial of Ketone Slim XT. I made a plan of 8 weeks to test the result of this amazing product. To be completely honest, I had my doubts before the trial because I had tried many products before and they did nothing to help me, but there was also some hope because of my friend whose life was changed by Ketone Slim XT.


Week 1 and 2 with Ketone Slim XT

I started my trial by taking two capsules a day, one capsule thirty minutes before breakfast and the other 30 minutes before dinner. I didn’t change my diet and eating routine, but stopped eating any junk food, apart from that I ate anything I wanted. The first two weeks were the hardest for me because you know how hard it is to wait for something as we human are very impatient. After starting you Ketone Slim XT I also started feeling very energetic and vitalized. My stamina was increasing and my fatigue level started reducing. When the two weeks passed, I was very curious to see the result and to be honest I was a little afraid to. When I checked my weight I jumped with joy because I have lost 5 kg fat in two weeks without breaking a sweat or following any hard diet plan. All this weight loss was due to Ketone Slim XT and no hard and extensive exercise was involved.


Week 3-4 with Ketone Slim XT

The next two weeks were not very hard for me because I have experienced the outstanding and marvelous result of Ketone Slim XT for myself. Now I was only impatient about one thing and that was to get smart quickly and do everything I wanted to do when I was fat and couldn’t do them at that time. This monumental product was changing me into a different person with a different energy level and increased stamina. My inner skin was also being cleansed by this magical product. All the unwanted food cravings that I had were now gone with no effect to my health. At the end of the fourth week I very curiously checked my weight and there it was, I was watching all my dreams come true when I saw that I had lost 15 kg in just four weeks without any exercise or any other effort instead of taking this extraordinary product.


Week 5 Ketone Slim XT

By the start of the fifth week the change in my weight was quite visible and everybody started noticing it. I felt a great amount of joy when anyone said that I was looking smarter than before. Now I wanted everything and I was getting more and more impatient as I was very close to my goal. I increased the intake of two pills a day to three pills a day; one before breakfast, one before lunch and one before dinner. There was no side effect that I faced by taking three pills instead Ketone Slim XT, the magnificently awesome product controlled my blood flow and my appetite. They were being very smartly regulated and all of my unhealthy eating habits were warded off. After then end of the sixth week I had lost 22 kg weight and I cannot express what a feeling it was. I was feeling like flying because the time had come when I could wear anything I want without the fear of being ashamed and embarrassed in front of anybody. I was ready to wear any kind of new clothes that were top in the fashion life. My husband started paying more attention to me and after so many years started to compliment me again and tell me that I look beautiful and pretty.


Week 6-7 with Ketone Slim XT

The last two weeks were not hard at all because I have achieved my goal and now it has been just a few more kg’s that I had to lose. It seemed that Ketone Slim XT had magically turned me into more young and beautiful person. It helped me to achieve an in-shape body once again even when I had lost all my hopes. It cleansed from the whole body system from any kind of impurities and filled me with inner strength and immunity. The end of the eighth weeks arrived and there it was I had successfully lost 30 kg in 8 weeks and I was completely a new person. I was healthier than before, prettier than before and my husband started loving me more and more than before. My life was completely changed and it was all thanks to Ketone Slim XT.


Ingredients of Ketone Slim XT


Ketone Slim XT IngredientsKetone Slim XT takes a lot of time in its production because the ingredients used in its formulation are acquired from different parts of the world as they are rarely found and only the natural extracts are involved in it. This is due to the fact of giving you the expected results by these amazing ingredients which are Raspberry ketone, Chlorogenic acid and Green Coffee extract. The Raspberry ketone is an aromatic ingredient which is present in red raspberries and helps in regulating adiponetin, a protein that the body uses in metabolism regulation. It also breaks the fat cells to burn more fat from the body and more rapidly.


Chlorogenic acid is a very useful ingredient which is present in Green coffee and has a great potential in helping to reduce the extra and unwanted fat from the body. It also prevents the unwanted release of glucose and increases the metabolic rate to help burn the fat faster. This active ingredient absorbs all the unwanted fat from the body and stops the production of further unwanted fat cells within the body. Green coffee is an herbal compound and is very popular and well known due to its effects relating the fleshing out of the impurities from the body and throwing the impurities and toxic materials out of the body by detoxifying it through a natural process.
Positive Effects of Ketone Slim XT.


Ketone Slim XT is an outstanding weight loss supplement containing all the pure and herbal components to fight against excessive body fat. It removes the harmful bacteria that effects and absorbs all the nutrients from the body and acts as an antioxidant, which prevents the free radicals and makes your skin glow and look younger. It targets the major areas of the body, such as the belly, thighs and waistline, and helps to achieve a tighter body with excellent slim structured body shape. Some other positive effects of Ketone Slim XT are:


  • It increases the serotonin level
  • It helps in burning the excessive fat from the body
  • It helps you to lose weight without any exercise or dieting
  • It makes you more energized and vitalized than before
  • It helps to maintain the hormone level properly
  • It helps to increase the stamina and reduce the fatigue level
  • It boosts the absorption rate to a better level
  • It helps to detoxify the body internally
  • It is absolutely natural made and is harmless for consumption
  • It is clinically proven and is tested in GMP labs