Flawless Youth and Reversaderm Personal Test

My personal 8-week review


When I first heard about Flawless Youth, I was rather skeptical. Being very selective with the products that I use on my skin, I wasn’t going to jump on the bandwagon just because millions of people were already using the product.  Actually, I took my time, conducted a few searches on Google and dug up as much information as I could before making a decision.

It is during my fact finding mission that I actually learned about Reversaderm. A lot of posts were saying that the best way was to use the two products together. But was I ready to throw $185 on anti-aging creams? I remember discussing the matter with my partner for a few days before we decided that I should try it anyway. So, one Saturday evening in late winter, I went online and made my order and waited.


Week One

Maybe I should start by telling you how simple the sign-up process is. When I was redirected to the manufacturer’s website, I was asked to fill a form. I had to fill in my name, address, and contact information. I did as requested and proceeded to pay with my credit card. A few seconds later I got an email in my inbox saying that the sign up was successful and that I would receive my trial product within 2-3 business days.

I had been charged $4.95 for each trial product meaning that I spent a total $9.95 for the two products. For each product, the email said that the trial period would expire in the next 14 days and afterward I would have monthly shipments delivered to my address at a cost. My Flawless Youth and Reversaderm packages both arrived by Thursday afternoon and I was ready to try them out. I didn’t hesitate. The whole of Thursday night, I was reading the relevant user guides and familiarizing myself with how to use the products.

On Friday morning, I woke up ready to start using my new creams. I washed my face with warm water. This is how I have always done it. I believe that it opens the pores on the skin, allowing dirt trapped in the pores to come off. After washing my face, I dried with a soft towel, just like I would do on another day. Then I applied Flawless youth followed by Reversaderm. I repeated the process in the evening after work. I wasn’t looking forward to instant results so I repeated the same procedure every single day for the rest of the week. In week one there were no major results to report.


Week Two with Flawless Youth and Reversaderm

Week two was not any different. I would wake up to the same routine and repeat it in the evening after work. On weekends when I didn’t go to work, I would simply apply the creams in the morning when I woke up and in the evening after I was through most of the day’s activities. When I applied the two to my face, I felt a relief on the itching that sometimes came from the pimples on the right side of my cheek. Some people will use Flawless Youth exclusively as an eye serum to diminish wrinkles and to lessen the appearance of fine lines but as I learned, you can actually use it as a cream for the whole face. If you have painful red spots on your face, you can apply the serum on your face and you will feel an instant relief. This is one thing that will keep you using the products.

If you don’t want to get confused about which product to apply first and which one comes on the outside, just use my simple formula. What I did was to compare the two products and apply the one that delivers immediate results closest to the skin and the other products over it. You can also mix the two without a problem. They work just well with no harmful reactions.


Week three Flawless Youth and Reversaderm

By the end of week two, I was already seeing improvement though not very significant ones. My face was shinier and the skin was tighter. Apparently, the ingredient found in Flawless Youth help to make the skin more supple and even moisturize it. Not that my skin was dry prior to that but it a whole different experience when you can actually feel that your skin is hydrated! I couldn’t spend too much time checking myself to see the minor improvements but is still checked myself in the mirror at least twice a day so I could easily keep up with any new development on my face.

Another improvement that grabbed my attention in week 3 was the disappearance of my pores. Typically, I have very large pores that become very pronounced if I walk around without makeup. But after applying the creams, the pores disappeared almost completely! I have since discovered that this is caused by a unique ingredient in Flawless Youth extracted from rice. Rice extracts have a special ingredient that helps to minimize the size of pores on the skin resulting in an even, softer, and more attractive skin.


Week Four

In week Four, I realized that using the two products simultaneously also helped with treating dark spots as well as aging spots. Apparently this comes from a special oil found in Flawless Youth known as Squalane oil. Squalane oil is quite unique and very rare type of oil. How the guys at Flawless Youth came to find it is hard to explain. I have been using anti-aging products for a long time and for every product I use, I usually read the ingredient list to know what the product contains. It is one way of ensuring that I use only what I knew for the sole protection of my skin and my life.  Truly speaking, for the over 10 years that I have been using these products, this is the first time I found Squalane in an anti-aging cream.

Squalane is a very active ingredient that works tirelessly once it gets inside your body. It fights free radicals that can usually cause skin problems such as acne. But most of all, it I quite effective at treating age spots. So, if you have dark or brown spots that have been giving you nightmares, you just need to lay your hands on Squalane oil. But since getting the oil itself can be almost impossible, you need to be looking for supplements that contain the oil. Flawless youth is one such supplement.


Week Five with Flawless Youth and Reversaderm

This was a happy week for me. Everything at work was going to plan and I was also having a great time with my family. The fact that Flawless Youth and Reversaderm were also doing an excellent job on my skin only made my week better. By week 5, I was already seeing the following improvements;


  • Softer skin – my skin was very much softer compared to how it was a few weeks ago thanks to the two products.
  • Smoother skin – you may confuse soft with smooth because the two are closely tie. Thankfully, I was seeing both!
  • Wrinkles diminished – my wrinkles were also diminished significantly. I could look at myself in the mirror and smile.
  • Fine lines were gone – I should have actually started with his because it was the first benefit that I actually experienced. By the fifth week, most of the fine lines weren’t traceable.
  • Healthier skin – all the above factors put together resulted in a very healthy and fully functioning skin that only filled my heart with joy.


Week Six

By week six, I had already made my mind to stick with the two products for the foreseeable future. There are just some things that you don’t let go and for me, Flawless Youth and Reversaderm eye serums fall into this category. I know that several products will come along the way and that I might be really tempted to change. But unless the incoming products are extremely beneficial, I will not easily ditch FY (that’s how I call Flawless Youth) and Rev (my name for Reversaderm).

Many users have expressed their concerns about the ingredients found in Reversaderm. This product has several ingredients which aren’t readily listed by the manufacturer. From my understanding, sometimes the manufacturer decides not to list ingredients in their products for their own safety. In the crazy world that we live in, it couldn’t surprise me if someone pulled up someone else’s ingredient list, tweaked a few ingredients, changed a few names, and came up with a “new” product. For fear of such theft, you may decide to keep your ingredient list private.


Week Seven Flawless Youth and Reversaderm

By week seven, most of the fine lines were completely gone and the wrinkles could no longer be seen. Of course, this was due to the actions of both Flawless Youth and Reversaderm. Of the two, however, Reversaderm offers the more desirable long-term benefits. I laughed out loud when I first heard how Reversaderm works. The product has a rather complicated name which would cause you to think that it does some magic in the skin. But no; Reversaderm works in a very simple way.

Basically, Reversaderm tricks the body by pretending to be a broken collagen. The active in gradient in Reversaderm, Matrixyl 3000, can pretend to be a broken collagen forcing the body to produce new collagens. The brain knows that collagen is a critical building block of the skin. Therefore, if you body senses that you have broken collagen, it will react by manufacturing new collagen to replace the broken ones. Since Reversaderm contains the active ingredient Matrixyl 3000 in plenty, your body will end up manufacturing a lot of collagen. Before long, you could be boasting a youthful, supple, and very soft skin.

Week Eight with Flawless Youth and Reversaderm

To summarize the benefits of Flawless Youth and Reversaderm, I must say that I am 100% satisfied. I can only encourage you to try the two products because you will not regret the move. Here are the benefits that I experienced firsthand;


  • Instant lifting – within just a few days, I was seeing skin lifting.
  • Diminished wrinkles – wrinkles started disappearing from as early as week two.
  • Diminishes fine lines – fine lines are also diminished from as early as the second week of use.
  • Treatment of dark spots – my dark spots were diminished within 4 weeks
  • Softer skin – for as long as I have used the two products, my skin has been visibly softer.
  • Smaller pores – I used to have very big pores which would leave me sweating miserably. 8 weeks later, the pores have significantly reduced in size.
  • Permanent results – the best thing is that most of the benefits increasingly seem permanent. After the eight week, the wrinkles couldn’t be seen even after a shower. The dark spots are also permanently gone and the fine lines seem to have been eliminated completely as well.


Everyone has a choice and you may have chosen to use a different anti-aging cream or set of creams. But if you haven’t, then please try these two products.
After trying so many skin care treatments, jumping from one to another as often as a new name came to the market, I must admit that this is the first occasion in a long time that I am actually considering staying with an anti-aging cream. In fact, I have been using both Flawless Youth and Reversaderm and I must admit that I am very impressed. If you have been thinking about using the two but worried about being disappointed, let me be your witness. I have tried both products and they work exactly as promised.

The only potential downside of buying both is that they are a bit costly. Considering that Flawless youth is priced as $89.41 and Reversaderm goes for 94.95, you may be parting with close to $200 every month just to keep your skin in a great condition. But if you can afford that, I can guarantee that it will be money well spent.

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