Hair Vox Reviews

1st review about the experience with Hair Vox:

Age: 27
Duration of Use: 8 weeks

When people hear the words “hair growth treatment” they automatically think of harsh serums that smell bad and are full of chemicals. I have to admit I was the exact same way before I discovered Hair Vox. Hair Vox is unlike other hair growth treatments because it uses natural ingredients. In addition, consumers rave about the product because of how quickly they see results and the inexpensive price point.

My problem with my hair stems from weak roots. For as long as I can remember, I have always had week hair roots. I remember going to the hair salon when I was a kid and my mom would have to watch the stylist cut and dry my hair because they would sometimes yank on it too hard and my hair would get pulled out. It wasn’t such a big deal then, but now that I’m in my twenties it’s become more of a problem.

I have a bad habit of pulling my hair when I’m stressed. I know I should stop, but most of the time, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Sometimes I’ll be at the office buried in paperwork and it’ll be hours before I realize that I’ve been pulling my hair all afternoon. The aftermath of which would be dozens of strands of hair all over my work station and on the floor of my cubicle.

Since I know it would take me a while to stop the bad habit, I tried to find something that could strengthen my roots in the meantime. I told my mom about it and she told me to try Hair Vox. Apparently she’s been using Hair Vox for years to treat her hair loss, but she told me to use it for my roots since it also has healing and strengthening properties.

I purchased my Hair Vox online and used it regularly for 2 weeks. That was all it took for me to buy more Hair Vox and stock up in case I run out. It’s an AMAZING product that I can no longer live without. All my life I’ve just learned to deal with my weak hair roots not knowing that there was a product out there that could completely change my life. I’m so happy that my mom introduced me to Hair Vox because my hair is so much better now that it actually stays on my head. Since it ‘s anchored more securely at the root, my hair also received more nutrients and stays healthier for longer. Usually I would have to get hair masks and put heaps of conditioner on just to make it feel soft. Since it was malnourished, it didn’t take much for the quality of my hair to deteriorate. It wasn’t until I started using Hair Vox regularly that I started seeing a dramatic improvement. I love my Hair Vox so much and will continue to use it for a long, long time.

Week 1: Shinier hair; colleagues noticed the change right away
Week 2: Stronger roots; not as much hair fall when I use my big roller brush
Week 3: Very, very little hair fall; no more breakages
Week 4: Shiny, voluminous hair; no more hair fall or breakages


2nd review about Hair Vox:

Age: 25
Duration of Use: 10 weeks

I got my Hairvox from my friend Louise. She recommended it to me because I was experiencing hair breakage. This is my review.

I was looking for something that could help my hair problems because even though I’m still very young, my hair has always had issues. Ever since I hit puberty, I noticed that my hormones caused my hair to become troublesome—lots of breakage, thinning and loss of shine.

At first, I was okay with this because I thought it was just a phase. However, now that I’m in my twenties, I decided that things needed to change and fast. I’m not getting any younger, and I know that now is the time for me to do something before it’s too late.

Louise referred me to a website with a hair growth treatment called Hairvox. I have never used a hair growth treatment before I didn’t know what to expect. It came with a money-back guarantee so I was happy with that in case it didn’t work for me. I had high expectations though because Louise had used it before and saw great results.

I used it for a few weeks on and off, so I wasn’t that consistent. For the most part I didn’t notice much difference but there was some decrease in breakage. When I started using it more consistently, I noticed that my hair gradually got stronger. This is very important to me because even though I had thick hair on my scalp, it was thin along the edges because it was so brittle.

I noticed that my hair was fuller, longer and shinier. Even my co-workers noticed that my hair had improved. Before Hairvox, my hair was so thin towards the edges that I could barely tie it because it was so fragile! Even hair scrunchies would break it sometimes. I could not use any products or straighteners on it because it would worsen the condition even more.

After using Hairvox for a few weeks, I noticed that I no longer had brittle hair. It was also a lot shinier and more voluminous. Before, I would use hair extensions under my hair just to make it appear thicker. I did not like this though because it was obvious that my hair extensions were fake. They did not blend in with my real hair because my real hair was so ugly and dull.

Now, I can wear my hair out with confidence. Hairvox is amazing because it transformed my hair in just 10 weeks of regular use. I recommend that you use it regularly because it’s more effective that way. Also, just wait because sometimes the effects will be more obvious sooner with others. My friend Louise noticed a change in her hair after just a few days. With me, it took around a week of continuous use. I will be purchasing Hairvox again for myself and my husband as well. He used my Hairvox for a while and loved it so he asked me to order some for him, too. Thanks Hairvox!


3rd experience with Hair Vox:

Age: 45
Duration of Use: 1 year

I have been using Hairvox for about a year now so it’s about time that I write a review. Here’s a little background about me.

I’m in my forties and I used to have amazing hair. It was so nice that I was commonly referred to as the girl with the nice hair among my friends and me. I have long, brown hair that is slightly wavy and very shiny and smooth without treatments or styling. It was very wash-and-wear so I didn’t really have any problems with it and there was no need for me to use any hair products to tame it.

When I was in my thirties, I noticed that my hair started getting a little dry. I thought nothing of it because heck, my friends were complaining about dry, frizzy hair in when they were in their late teens to early twenties; I thought I was doing pretty alright. I didn’t do anything, hoping that it would resolve on its own but it didn’t. My hair kept getting drier and drier over the years. When I hit my forties, it got progressively worse. It came to the point when people would ask me if I’m sick because my hair made me look frail and dull. It wasn’t shiny or soft anymore, just limp.

I came across Hairvox when I saw an ad on TV about a hair growth treatment. I have never used hair growth treatments before because I never had an issue with hair loss, but I saw that it also strengthens and improves hair health. This was what caught my eye because my hair was in dire need of some nutrients. I ordered my products over the internet through the Hairvox website and got my package in the mail a couple of days after. I was happy that it arrived quickly considering that shipping was barely anything.

When I started using Hairvox, I noticed right away that my hair was softer. It took only 2-3 days for this change to happen, which his unheard of. Practically instant results for an inexpensive product sounds too good to be true, but it’s 100% real. When I used it consistently for a few weeks, my hair’s condition just kept getting better and better. In fact, it was almost as good as before.

I continued to use Hairvox for months and by the 4-month mark, my hair was better than it ever was. It was even better than when I was in my prime—imagine that! I’m in my forties and my hair has never looked this good. Hairvox completely transformed the quality of my hair and restored it from its previously damaged state. I can now straighten and curl my hair without fear of dryness or brittleness. I can also go back to my wash-and-wear routine wherein I did not use any hair products or styling tools to tame my mane.

I will continue to use Hairvox in the years to come. Consider me a satisfied customer.


4th review about Hair Vox:

Age: 40
Duration of Use: 3 weeks

I’ve been using a lot of new hair products lately, but I’m not really sure if I’m crazy about Hairvox. It’s hard to tell because I can’t really isolate its effects, so I can’t be sure if it’s helping me or not. However, I should note that I’ve only used ot for 3 weeks so it’s hard to say if that’s enough time to really evaluate its effects.

Before I give my review, I think I should explain my case and why I need a hair growth formula. My hair cycles have gotten shorter so I turnover my hair really fast, just about 2 months. I also have Telogen effluvium which is basically the thinning of the hair over the scalp. This results in hair strands that are in a “dead” phase and no longer grow, resulting in hair shedding.

As I got older, I noticed that my hair growth was not as fast as before. There would be gaps wherein no hair would grow in the bald areas, and it has gotten worse and worse these past few years. This time, it took so long that I’ve taken to wearing hats to cover up my bald spots. I’m looking for a more convenient solution because I have to take off my hats indoors and it looks weird when I wear a hat indoors in the warmer months.

I’ve used numerous products, including Hairvox which is why I’m writing this review. I’m not firm in saying that it’s useless, but I also don’t know if it has worked for me. In other words, I don’t know so this review is pretty inconclusive.

I do know that I did not experience any harmful side effects and my hair loss did not increase while I was using the Hairvox products. I think it’s also helped strengthen my hair and make it look silkier, however in terms of hair loss, I cannot really say.

I’ve been using it for 3 weeks so far and will continue to do so until I run out of product. I have stopped using other hair products now in the hopes of isolating the Hairvox effects, so I should know soon and have a more conclusive review of my experience.

When I tried to return some of my products, I was able to talk to a nice agent from customer support. She was very helpful and issued a refund immediately. I had no problems on that front so I commend the company for this because sometimes it’s not that easy. Usually other companies will require a lockdown period of some sort, but Hairvox was not like that. It was a guaranteed money-back if you weren’t satisfied—a true testament that they stand by their products and that they value customer feedback. Overall, I’m impressed with the company. The products are a good value for money, too so I’ll continue to use up my products now that I’ve stopped my other hair products. Hopefully now I’ll have better results.

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